Anti Ragging Commitee Members

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S.No Name of the Staff Academic Designation of the Staff Mobile Number Committee Designation
CHAIRMAN (by Default)
1 Dr.M.Krishnaveni Professor & DEAN CHAIRMAN
VICE CHAIRMAN (Nominated by the Dean)
2 Dr.Silas Sargunam Assistant Professor, MBA Vice Chairman
Internal Members - Head of the Department (by default)
3 Dr.J.Thirumal Assistant Professor & HOD i/c,CIVIL Member
4 Dr.K.Karupasamy Assistant Professor & HOD i/c,Mech.Engg., Member
5 Dr.S.Suja Priyadharsini Assistant Professor & HOD i/c,ECE Member
6 Dr.K.Saravanan Assistant Professor & HOD i/c,CSE Member
7 Dr.S.Victor Assistant Professor & HOD i/c,MBA Member
8 Dr.K.Ramesh Assistant Professor & HOD i/c,MCA Member
9 Dr.M.Subramanian Assistant Professor(Maths) & First Year Coordinator 9486321461 Member
10 Dr.B.Prabakaran Physical Training Instructor Member
Members - Deputy Wardens (by default)
11 Dr.K.Karuppasamy Assistant Professor(Mechanical Engg.,) & Executive Warden, Boys Hostel Member
12 Dr.M.Gunasekaran Assistant Professor(S&H) & Dy.Warden, Boys Hostel Member
13 Mrs.Vinolia Anandan Assistant Professor(MCA) & Dy.Warden, Girls Hostel Member
Internal Members - Faculty (nominated by the Head of the Departments)
14 Mrs.G.Devi Assistant Professor/Civil Engineering Member
15 Dr.K.Karuppasamy Assistant Professor/Mechanical Engineering Member
16 Dr.K.Gokulakrishnan Assistant Professor/ECE Member
17 Mrs.T.Brinda Assistant Professor/CSE Member
18 Mrs. N.Raja Rajeswari Assistant Professor/MCA Member
19 Mrs.R.Banumathi Assistant Professor/MBA Member
Internal Members - Non Faculty (nominated by the Dean)
20 Mr.C.Arasappan Junior Assistant,Dean Office Member
21 Mrs.P.Salomi Regina Mary Junior Assistant,Scholarship Section Member