Science & Humanities

About the Department

Mathematics:The Department of Mathematics conducted a Bridge course - A Special Orientation Programme for Mathematics faculty members of all affiliated colleges in this region at the Anna University Regional Campus - Tirunelveli

Physics:The Department of physics was established in 2008. The faculty members of this department are engaged with the under graduate teaching of Engineering physics for the B.E/B.Tech. students. The department is offering Ph.D. in the field of crystal growth, semiconductor thin films deposition, Photovoltaic’s and Energy generation etc,. The physics laboratory for the first year under graduate students is well equipped to do the experiments for physics practical classes.

Chemistry:The goal of the department is to strengthen the knowledge in Applied Chemistry of the students which will make them to solve the problems related to Engineering Chemistry effortlessly. The enriched experience of faculty members in teaching and research will cater the students to expose themselves in their research field. The well developed laboratories provide the facilities for the students to trial the practical possibilities of the problems given to them. The faculty members make the publications of their research work in high index journals continually. The campus supports the department to conduct many workshops, seminars and conferences to enlighten the knowledge of our students.

English:The department of English strives to produce versatile and creative students with strong interpretive and communicative skills needed for the today’s changing world. It equips students with the English language skills required for the successful undertaking of academic studies with primary emphasis on academic listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills. It improves general and academic listening skills. It provides guidance and practice in basic general and class room conversation so as to participate confidently and appropriately in conversations both formal and informal. It strengthens the reading skills of students. It enhances their writing skills with specific reference to technical writing. Thus it enhances the employability and career skills of students and makes them Employable Graduates.